“I was attempting to make a record that exploited its 'recordedness'

    in the same way that a concert exploits its 'liveness'.”

    Sean Ali

   November 2021

  • Ellen Fullman interviewed by Frantz Loriot (English)

  • Lucciano Maggiore interviewed by Eamon Sprod / TARAB (english)

  • Sean Meehan interviewed by Theresa Wong (English)

  • Barre Phillips interviewed by Emmanuel Cremmer & Patrice Soletti (French & English)

  • Hannes Seidl & Daniel Kötter interviewed by Raphaël Belfiore (English)

  • Eamon Sprod aka TARAB interviewed by Tom Soloveitzik (English)   

July 2021

    March 2021


Next interviews to come by Ellen Fullman, Raphael Belfiore, Melody Chua, Eliot Cardinaux, Theresa Wong, Tom Soloveitzik, Patrice Soletti, Silvan Schmid, Frantz Loriot, Anouck Genthon, Antoine Läng...